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    We will grow as the top-notched company specialized for metallocene catalysts

    with seamless challenges for innovative technology development which can contribute to the future industry.

  • Differentiated technology and trustworthy high quality

    Considering customers’ trust on the quality as the best value,

    we will grow further with customers based on the abundant experiences and excellent technology.

  • Provide solutions for state-of-the-art functional materials

    Based on the specialized anhydrous technology, we will realize the localization of the materials

    in the area of high-tech functional materials and collaborate to secure the competency in the related industry by product developments.


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  • Metallocene

    Metallocene catalyst

    It is the organo-metallic compound with cyclopentadiene and transition metal as a sandwich structure, which is used for the polymeric catalyst of olefin.

  • Electronic

    Electronic material

    It is the functional electronic material for multiple areas such as precursor in the semiconductor manufacturing process, display materials, etc. using anhydrous technology.


    Material for rechargeable battery

    It is the core material required for the next generation batteries as well as various additives to secure the stability of rechargeable batteries.

  • Other catalyst

    Other Catalysts

    High-functional catalysts including chromium-based ethylene tetramerization catalyst, lead-based coupling catalyst, etc.

Core Technology


Because metallocene catalysts as the raw materials and final products are sensitive to air and moisture, product manufacturing is possible only with the whole process operation from input raw materials up to packaging under the inert state.

We have the accumulated specialty in anhydrous technology
from lab stage to the mass production stage.

  • Technology handling
    organo-metallic chemicals
  • Technology controlling
    inert condition
  • Technology of solvent
    purification with
    less oxygen and moisture
  • Technology for stable
    storage and distribution

Core Reaction

  • BuLi Reaction

    R-Li+ + R'XR-R'

  • Metallation Reaction (Mt : Ti, Zr, Hf etc)

    2R-Li+ + MtXnR2MtXn-2

  • Grignard Reaction

    R-X + MgRMgX

    RMgX + R’XR-R’

  • Organometallic Reaction (Mt : Na, K etc)

    R-Mt+ + R’XR-R’

  • Hydrogenation

    R + H2/ Pd, Pt, NiR-H2

Core Reaction explanation

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We will grow as the number one company specialized for cutting-edge high-functional materials which can contribute to the future industry with seamless challenges for innovative technology development.

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