Unrelenting Challenges

We will grow as the specialized company for fine chemical materials with seamless challenges and innovations.

Since the foundation in 2009, SPCI Co. Ltd. has made the history of metallocene catalysts in Korea.
Despite trials and errors in the new areas, we established the firm trust level on the technologies
and quality from domestic and global customers by challenges and innovations.
According to the market changes, we expand our capabilities into the fine chemistry,
especially in the areas of electronic materials, donors, and borates
with accumulated R&D competency and synthetic technology knowhow based on metallocene catalysts.
Also, we will do our best to secure the future growth engines.

With differentiated technologies and products, we will realize the company values, moreover,
perform corporate social responsibility by complying with the regulations and managements with win-win strategy.
SPCI supplies the core materials for petrochemical and semiconductor industries in a stable manner,
contributing to the global competency in the related industries in Korea and committing to grow as a specialized
company covering a significant portion of the global market. Thank you.

Lee Chul, CEO, SPCI Co. Ltd.