Status of R&D Center

Metallocene material
  • Develop catalysts for polyolefin
  • Develop mass production technology for organo-metallic compounds
  • Synthesis of supported catalysts for petrochemicals
  • Develop titanium-, zirconium-, and Hafnium-based catalysts
Electronic Material
  • Synthesis of semiconductor precursor material
  • Synthesis of alkyl lithium and monomer compounds
  • Develop high-purity isolation and purification technologies
Rechargeable Battery
  • Synthesis of materials for rechargeable batteries
  • Process optimization
  • Isolation and purification technologies
Other Catalysts
  • Develop boron co-catalyst
  • Develop chromium catalyst for octene
  • Develop customized products
  • Research for market understanding and related technologies
  • g/batch scale synthesis
  • Process optimization by stage
  • Structure and characteristics of synthetic catalysts
  • Prepare Process Flow Diagram
  • 30L ~ 300L scale
  • Process trouble-shooting
  • Registration of chemical compounds
  • Application evaluation to demanded companies
  • Apply pilot scale process and produce prototype
  • 1m3 ~5m3 scale
  • Application evaluation to the site of client
  • Safety assessment of catalysts
  • Quality and safety controls
Status of R&D Center
  • R&D lab

  • Analysis lab

  • Reagent storage lab

  • Cleaning lab

R&D Facilities
  • NMR


  • GC

  • Karl fischer

  • High pressure reactor

  • Centrifugal separator

  • Moisture analyzer