SPCI, Number one company for functional materials,

leading the future innovation based on the differentiated technologies

Share visions and realize values

Quality goals of SPCI

  • Differentiated technology

    Lead the industry by productions
    of advanced products with differentiated
    researches and technologies

  • happy membership

    Realize organization culture
    that all employees of SPCI are happy

  • Improve The Dignity Of a Company

    Increase the values of shareholders
    by enhancing the dignity of the company

Quality Policy

To grow as a trustworthy company by supplying the best quality products in time through seamless technology innovation with customer-oriented mind

  • Realize customer surprise by quality satisfaction of the products
  • Secure global competitiveness by innovative and creative technology development
  • Maximize company value by seamless improvements of quality management

Quality Goals

  • Customer-oriented

  • Seamless improvement and technology development

  • Realize the best quality

Environmental Safety Policy

Recognize the environmental safety and public health as the basic elements of business and consider them with priority in every step including product design, production. Etc.
Implement proactive investment and continuous improvements to prevent environmental pollution and potential disasters in the site.

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