Business Areas

Metallocene Catalysts
  • Production of metallocene catalysts which is the core material for manufacturing of polyolefin
  • Secure knowhow of metallocene manufacturing over 12 years
  • Development and supply of general purposes of metallocene catalysts from grams to tons
  • Development and supply of customized metallocene catalysts by OEM & ODM
Electronic Material
  • Localization of electronic materials that depend on the imports such as precursor of evaporation source material which is the core material for semiconductor manufacturing, etc.
  • Development and supply of customized electronic materials by OEM & ODM
Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Development and supply of customized materials for rechargeable batteries by OEM & ODM

Other Catalysts
  • Secure patents and manufacturing technology of chromium catalyst for the productions of octene and 1-hexene
  • Supply soluble borate, a supplementary additive of expensive methyl aluminum oxane (MAO)
  • Development and supply of customized intermediate products by OEM & ODM


핵심 소재 산업의 국산화

Localization of core
material industry

  • Metallocene Catalyst
  • Electronic Material
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Other Catalysts
    and Intermediate Product
소재산업의 파급 효과

Ripple effects of
material industry

  • Secure global competitiveness
    in the petrochemical industry
    • ㆍStable supply of core materials
    • ㆍSave costs and enhance profitability
  • Supply core materials
    in the semiconductor industry
    • ㆍFree from dependency of core materials in Japan
    • ㆍEstablish domestic supply chain for core materials