Personnel System & Fringe Benefits

Role model of SPCI

Talents that understand the company business philosophies and policies, execute them actively, and contribute the company development as well as the society development by demonstrating their capabilities as the experts in their fields as much as possible with seamless self-development and passion, for the company growth to be the best in the functional material industry

  • Personnel Policies
  • Secure and develop talents

    Hire talents and allocate them to the right places
    Operate reward system for high performers

  • Develop and utilize human resources

    Develop human resources by competency management
    Performance-oriented rewards by fair evaluation

  • Establish future-oriented company culture

    Develop creative and autonomous working environment
    Operate flat and customer-oriented organization

Fringe Benefits

We operate multiple fringe benefit programs
for employees’ happy lives.

  • Support lunch meals

    Operate company cafeteria
    (provide high quality meals)
  • Provide dormitory

    Provide employees who live in
    different cities with dormitory
  • Operate company fitness center

    Operate company fitness center
    for employees’ health
    promotion and management
  • Operate and support company clubs

    Operate and support multiple company clubs
    to develop the sound organization culture
  • Provide summer vacation

    Provide employees with summer vacation for their refreshment
  • Support money and leaves for congratulations and condolences

    Support money and leaves for congratulations and condolences
    in case of various events for congratulations and condolences
  • Awards

    Operate multiple award systems such as long-term services,
    excellent employee award, etc.
  • Join group accident insurance

    Join group accident insurance for all employees
    to prepare the unexpected accidents